Film Stills 2019-2020

Jesson-Hill have been commissioned by Leeds Museum and Yorkshire MESMAC to create an artwork inspired by the experiences of LGBTQ+ people in West Yorkshire. The artists have created an audiovisual queer storybook, combining a sequence of chapters or short stories exploring the West Yorkshire queer identity in its many shapes, forms and colours. 

The film focuses on several different characters, inspired by and featuring real queer people from West Yorkshire. The counties urban, industrial and natural landscapes becomes the stage for the surreal and magical to occur. Each chapter encourages the ordinary to sink into absurdism, stretching and contorting fantastical bodies framed by middle-English values and culture. The film bring light to the faces of the queer community, celebrating the tales of those who until now, remained largely unseen, hidden in plain sight. 

Jaron Hill

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Angelina Jesson